Clementi Upright Grand, London 1806

The second restoration is that of a Clementi Upright Grand, London 1806, which, when it reached my workshop, needed to have the action completely rebuilt.  Hands, other than mine, had carried out much fine restoration work: Tim Hamilton and Tony Smith did a wonderful job of restoring the case to its original size and splendour and David Law thoroughly researched the action and made a working drawing before restringing it completely.  Mine was the task of rebuilding the action and making it work, including repairing the stand and the pedal legs, as well as some other detailed work.

Damper Sticker & Damper 'Elbow' assembly showing Back Checks for Clementi Upright Grand

Clementi Upright Grand from the rear with Action in place

Clementi Upright Grand, 1806, in Bristol

The images shown here by kind permission of the owners Kenneth and Mary Mobbs.