Single Manual Harpsichord based on Andreas Ruckers 1640

Compass GG-d3 (56 notes), 1 x 8ft plus 1 x 4ft, Buff Stop, 2.080m long x 0.840m wide, Painted Case with Gold Bands, Classical Hardware, Turned Stand with matching Bench (not shown), Bone Neutrals, Oak Stained Sharps, Pear Wood Jacks, Handsomely Painted Soundboard, and Flemish Papers.

Small Virginals based on Johannes Ruckers, 1629

With extended compass: C/G-c3, 1.285m long x 0.475 wide, Painted Case, with Gold Bands and Lettering, Flemish Papers, Baluster Stand with matching Bench (not shown).  Also available with Lid Papers and Painted Soundboard.

Other Flemish instruments available are based on the following originals: